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Twin & Twin XL Mattresses are the most popular in the Mattress Industry today. Twins and Twin XLs are generally the right size for children and most adults. The Twin XL size provides additional length of 5-6 inches, if you happen to be a taller individual (over 6 feet) 

Twin and Twin XL Mattresses are great for kids bedrooms, smaller guest rooms in your home, solo sleepers and even dorm rooms. Twin Beds and Frames provide a comfortable sleep for an individual without taking all of the space in your bedroom. 

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More on our Twin & Twin XL Mattresses

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Twin Mattress Size: Width-38.5 in. by Length-74.5 in. 

Twin XL Mattress Size: Width-38.5 in. by Length-79.5 in.

The Twin XL Mattress provides additional length for individuals who are taller than 6ft. 

Twin and Twin XL Mattresses can come in a variety of mattress types, but most Twin Mattresses are the industry standard, Innerspring / Economy Mattress

Some brands provide Twin & Twin XL Mattresses in other Types like: 

BoxDrop Nitro carries various mattress brands for our customers to choose from, all severely discounted 50-80% to pass the savings onto you!

 Check out a few of the brands we carry Twin & Twin XL Mattresses in: 

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